The Queens College Department of Sociology is one of the largest and most productive departments on campus and one of the finest undergraduate sociology departments in the country.

Sociology was mentioned in the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2000 as one of the strongest programs at Queens. Our course offerings are many and varied; our faculty has a strong commitment to both teaching and research. We maintain high academic standards for student performance. Accordingly, previous sociology majors have gone on to graduate and professional study at Pennsylvania, Columbia, Michigan, Harvard, UCLA, the Mount Sinai Medical School, the CUNY Graduate Center, and many other prestigious public and private schools.

The Sociology Department offers a superior liberal arts education to Queens College undergraduate students. The curriculum is based on concepts, theory, findings, and methods of sociology that foster in students the skills in critical thinking, communication, pattern recognition, literacy, numeracy, computer use, and moral conduct necessary for a life-long education and participation in a democratic society.

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